Invest with IVAO

Often company need more capital to require achieve commercial success. The potential profit depends on investing time (early or late phase).

IVAO provides to investors a wide range of tools (from venture capital investments in start-ups to co-investment in late stages).

How does IVAO work?

IVAO is a link between investors and potential projects. We help to identify the interests of investors and suitable investment. If your company needs additional capital, we will help with the search for funding.

Investing process on the client side:

  1. Register on IVAO website (optional);
  2. Searching of the investment object;
  3. Request to receive more information about the object of investment and the conditions of filing;
  4. Waiting for consideration of the application.
  5. IVAO manager will contact the client and report an application decision.
  6. If an application decision is positive, IVAO manager sends to client the contract and other legal documents, as well as a list of documents required to be produced by the client side.
  7. The client signs all documents and sends them to IVAO.
  8. The client transfer money to the account.
  9. The client gets the information of the investment process status and all necessary documents
  10. The client can sells his share of the company with the IVAO manager help (if it possible in this moment).
  11. The client signing contracts for the sale his share of the company.
  12. The client receives his money to own account.

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